Monthly Archives: June 2009

>let it flow

>I’ve been writing, which is good. Looks like what I began in China is continuing upon my return. I feel like I finally was able to commit, at this time, to this meaningful thing I’ve always done except of course when I couldn’t… wouldn’t… didn’t.

I’m also supposed to be editing Dantseng’s book chapters, Owl’s manuscript, my own NaNo novel from last November – and keeping up with all the basic needs of the family. But I’ve seized moments, stolen them, literally, and with guilty pleasure, and written and read and gone elder flower picking. Too long without what I needed has made it hard for me to want to neglect it still.

So I wake in the middle of the night, write, get up in the morning, edit and work, and then when things look calm, I write.

I have a possible writing buddy. I guess he’s a writing buddy but we haven’t actually gotten together to write yet and I, not wanting the small hope to be crushed, still only grant it a possibility because who knows what can happen between now and when we sit down to write.

Meanwhile I’m working through my How to Think Sideways curriculum (straightways thinking wasn’t getting me where I wanted. Sideways seems to be doing a much better job – I’m writing and that’s proof enough)…

I don’t know for sure what I want to do here – most likely just get up my nerve to put some of the writing out there. Not sure why – what’s the point of this self-promotion, anyway?