>writing and discipline

>I set a deadline and drew up a schedule to help me regain my lost discipline. Now I leave the house, 3 times each week, go to the university library with my non-wifi computer and spend several hours with these options: work on my story that’s being cultivated in my How to Think Sideways class, work on a short story, or edit Dantseng’s academic manuscript. Now and then I lay my head on the desk and catnap because I’ve been up since 5:00, but so far so good.

I have an “early in the game” word count goal for the project I’m calling “the bird story” – right now it’s 500 words per day (not much compared to how my ’08 NaNo novel went, but this is a different creature and I’m dealing carefully with an almost-case of intimidation). This is good. So far my word count looks like this:

what I started with from a few weeks ago: 869
8/31: 578
9/1 : 667

I’m taking Wednesdays off to deal with the million household things that accumulate while I’ve got my back turned. Tomorrow I’ll be back at it, and I’m not sure about Friday yet…


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