Monthly Archives: August 2010

end of summer resolutions

>Ah, resolutions.  It turns out the ones I made at the beginning of the year didn’t amount to much.  Maybe there’s a reason I never tried to make “New Year’s Resolutions” in the past.  Not that they were really resolutions this year – I did call them goals, though.  Things changed, as usual, and I ended up dropping the Chinese studies completely.  I think I’m kind of burnt out on learning and forgetting and re-learning Chinese.  Whatever.  I don’t have plans to live there at this point and there are other things I’d like to do and learn.  Which gets me to my point here.

Thanks to Bonnie who intersperses her artistic blog posts with ones related to her years of experience as a therapist, as well as my own interests in myth and fairy tale that eventually led me to some of the writings of depth psychologists, I realized I’d like to know more about psychology.  Through MIT’s opencourseware program, I found a complete Introduction to Psychology course (lectures, syllabus, teaching materials, etc.), and through PaperBackSwap I found the textbook for the course.  It was delivered yesterday to the locked mailbox for which I was given the wrong key – hopefully that’ll be fixed today.  That’s one thing I’ll be doing when the kids start school.

I’m also committing to getting more exercise – the hiking and swimming of summer have been great but too sporadic to count for more than just a step into the 90 day program I started this week.  This is my 40th birthday present to myself.  Also, in the fall it ends up being easier to ride my bike for errands – you’d think it’d be easier when the kids are around but they’re honestly kind of lazy 🙂 and it gets hot at mid-day in the summer here!

As I knew it would, the writing practice has really faltered during the summer as well – it’s such a challenge for me to maintain my thoughts, to harvest those tender, elusive words when people are shouting at me across the house or standing at my side insisting I answer whatever question just occurred to them or requesting food (because they didn’t feel like eating the meal we just finished half an hour ago, etc. etc.).  I’ve not been able to train myself to write well (or even to want to write) when others are in the same room even.  I know it’s a handicap, but for some reason I just need (or think I need) consistent stretches of solitude.  I know it’s contradictory that I wrote Call the Rain Home while homeschooling the kids, but it made a difference that we were all working on the same project and made room and time for each other.  I haven’t figured out what my writing goals will be for this fall yet, but I’m thinking that I’ll incorporate G.O.T.S. into NaNoWriMo – even though you can only be an official participant if you work on a completely new project.  I’m still deciding on that.  Regardless, I’ll be re-entering the How to Think Sideways curriculum.  In the meantime I signed up for a local writing “class” – it’s more like a writing group with structured time to write and read (based on prompts) and just get to know other local writers – something that’s been lacking for me.  That’ll be once a week.

These are some of the things I’m looking forward to as the season changes and the days grow cooler.  How about you?  Anything going to change once summer’s over?