what G.O.T.S has turned into

>Wow.  In spite of being extremely unprepared, I’ve managed to make my targeted word count for two days now.  This feels like a humongous feat because I really have no idea what I’m writing.  That means, of course, that I’m having to relax into the idea that I’m writing rubbish and it’s ok – at least I’m writing.

Now, it’s not that I think GOTS is rubbish, rather that my last-minute decision to participate combined with the fact that I took the necessity of starting from scratch as a chance to re-formulate the story have created  a situation where I’m in the middle of preliminary re-planning even as I’m trying to write 1667 coherent words on the newborn storyline.

A number of things have changed in the story, including my main character’s age  and family structure, the location, and even the era in which the story takes place.  I’m having to balance the need to plan quickly and lightly for each day’s writing while recognizing that due to the era and location shift, I’ve got a fair amount of information that needs to be researched.

It appears that I never posted anything about what the story was actually about… and since coming up with a synopsis is part of what I worked on today, I thought I’d share the Before and After one-sentence synopses for the project that will consume a fair portion of my brain and time for the next 28 days.

Here’s the Before “photo”:    A dubious fairytale ally helps a little girl far from home discover the path to recovery from the trauma of a car wreck that left her uncle in a coma.

And, After (with only 5 words in common!):  A dubious fairytale ally gives a gifted student the means for her father’s recovery from a serious accident but immanent homelessness requires giving up childish dreams to support her family during the Depression.

I’m hoping things start to pull together and I can share excerpts or two.  Actually I kind of liked some of the writing from the other version too and even though they go nowhere, I was thinking it’d be fun to put them up too and just see what folks think.

Ok, I’m just thinking out loud.  I need to go to bed so I can get up early to write a bit before heading to San Francisco to pick Dantseng up for his couple-days’ visit before a meeting.

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