piecemeal is ok too

Whether or not I’ll use the writing is irrelevant.  What matters is that I’m seeing what it’s like to fly the plane of this story even though I don’t think I’m quite ready.  Using a few opportunities of timed writing, I’ve created on-the-spot scenes from GOTS.  This lets me develop ideas off the top of my head and test them out.  I consider them test pilots and they’re helping me solidify characters and situations in my mind, something I really need to practice.

I’m looking forward to HTTS lessons a little further down the line when Holly discusses figuring out what’s critical and creating only what’s extraordinary.  I tend to waffle and need help in that area.

I’m trying to not spend all my time tweaking with this blog and instead focus on the lessons and what I can accomplish with the story, however, I’m thinking of including some of the SSM ideas that have been generated via the walkthrough.

Question for my classmates: I haven’t seen most of your Sweet Spot Maps that the walkthrough generated but shall go peruse your blogs shortly.  I wonder, did viewing other peoples’ help you come up with ideas as well?


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