Monthly Archives: March 2012

that didn’t help one bit

Ok, that previous post about goals and goal-shyness didn’t do a damn thing for me.

Honestly, it was kind of a farce, to think that summing up my notion of “success” would take me anywhere.  I’m too thick for that, I think.  Instead it just made me avoid this blog.  Way to go!

Actually, I’ve been plugging away at those “goals” but only because I carry a mental microscope everywhere I go and the smaller the step the more manageable it seems and thus I can progress.  The big picture things?  They have to stay firmly tucked in my subconscious (which loves big themes and concepts like crazy) where they’re not allowed to make me feel guilty about my day to day inching along.

So, I set small goals for five weeks and it worked really well (simply: Read the next HTTS lesson. Conceive of x number of possible scene ideas. Plan x number of scenes from last week’s ideas. Write x number of scenes from last week’s planned scenes.)  It worked up until last week when a combination of too much busy-ness (from taxes to passport renewals in Berlin to city-gov’t paperwork to an editing job) intersected with a serious need to re-assess the story.

Next week is a holiday for the kids, we’re going traveling and I’m going to keep on working on my story as I can, but not because I someday want to pay my bills with this thing.

I actually found my biggest motivation:  Life is short and there is much to be done.  If I don’t do it, I won’t feel good.

There.  That’s what keeps me going.