Current Project

The Golden Orb of the Sun is the working title of my second novel-length manuscript. My first, Call the Rain Home was a 2008 NaNoWriMo flood of words which may never see the light of day.

GOTS (as it will be referred to), however, is intended to take everything I learned in ’08 and increase the learning curve significantly under Holly Lisle’s tutelage in the off chance that I may actually have something worthwhile here.

Currently in the very early planning phase, I am still working out character details and plot trajectories.

I’ve planned the first third or so of the book, written my way into the beginning, and am in the process of listening to my Muse for signs of what comes next.

  1. Good blog. I’m finally learning about blogs and it takes nerve. I thought I knew what they were until I got one of my own. Well two actually. One is about my paintings and the other is about my book, Why Whisper?. Problem is, my paintings blog is getting spammed to pieces and it is a constant vigil to trash them. All I want to do is figure out how those spammers got hold of the blog link because I’d appreciate some traffic on the blog.

    Frustrating, since writers have no left brain interests. (Like goal setting) I’m smiling. Love your take on it. I subscribe to every word you said about goals. They find us, we don’t need to plan anything!

    Be Blessed, and wishing you all the success.

    • Jo, I appreciate that you stopped by – I still don’t know where I’m going with this blog… I don’t really want it to be only about my WIP, but it was started while working through a particular writing class and so has that focus. I’m certainly looking forward to Kristen’s input to see where this can take me (us)… I imagine that you’ll find the right traffic soon, too. It’s an important topic that you touch with your book and I’m sure the right readers are to be found. Today I’m wavering on the usefulness of goals and plans again… I’m never going to make a good convert to the cause 🙂

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