Why this blog?

Welcome to estuarywalkthrough, where planning for The Golden Orb of the Sun (GOTS)will be hashed out to my heart’s content.

GOTS is a novel-in-progress that’s being written as part of Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways course.

Many, if not most, of these posts will be password protected.  If you are a student of HTTS find the password in my walkthrough blog post.



What’s in a name?  My real name has several meanings and the one I like most is wanderer. Somewhere along the path of figuring out internet identity, I glommed onto the name estuary for some of the writing sites I frequent.  Estuaries are intensely fertile places, at the edge of multiple zones (sea, land, freshwater, air), and they harbor life that can exist in those liminal areas.  That was important in a time when I felt rather dull-witted, or somehow empty and lacking in creativity.  Somehow the two meanings and their words have come to have some synchronicity for me, as that fabulous estuarine meander in my avatar attests – I’m wandering in rich lands, learning to describe as I go.  Walk with me?

image by Shirley Novak

  1. Walk on, I’m right behind you listening to your description of the passage.


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